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Production Time

How long will it take to produce my items?


How do you determine your pricing?


What size shirt should I order?

Do you offer unisex shirts?


Do you ship internationally?

What are your shipping rates and options?

Do you offer free shipping?

How long will it take to receive my items?


When do I pay for my items?

Site Security

Is it safe to shop on the website?

Return Policy

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

Custom Design Request

When should I fill out the Custom Design Request Form?

Will you recreate anything I submit into a rhinestone design?

I have a concept for a design that is not on your website. I do not want to pay a design fee, but if you added it, I would probably purchase it. What can I do?

Is Stoned By SBF a design service?


Is there an age restriction to wearing rhinestones?